Here are some links to articles I’ve written, videos I’ve appeared in, projects I’ve contributed to etc. A non exhaustive, roughly reverse-chronological list.

Learning at CERN – Interview-style profile article #TeamScience, a website about science careers for the UK

S’Cool LAB –  I wrote and edited most of the content on the website of S’Cool LAB, the project I am working on at CERN.

Wie passt der LHC im Physikunterricht? (Wiener, Woithe, Brown, Jende) – German version of our 2016 article (translation by Wiener).

Introducing the LHC into the classroom: an overview of resources available (Wiener, Woithe, Brown, Jende)- Peer-reviewed academic article. Title says it all.

Mystery photos from CERN’s past (with J Vigen)- article for the CERN Bulletin presenting the archive digitisation project and a call for crowdsourcing information.

> This project was covered in: (list being compiled)

Comedy Collider: No Cause for ConCERN – guest post at Life & Physics Jon Butterworth’s blog at The Guardian Science blogs) advertising the 2014 edition of the science comedy show I helped to organise.

LHComedy – guest post at Life & Physics, a report on the science stand-up comedy night I helped to organise and perform in (I’m on at ~30 min).

FameLab Switzerland: A CERN PhD student triumphs – a report on the Swiss final of FameLab Switzerland 2013 for the CERN Bulletin

FameLab Suisse: Un doctorant du CERN l’emporte – French version of the article above (my own translation).

Speaking to… Alexander Brown – Interview-style profile of me & my views on science communication.

Fundraisers should learn to lean on science – guest post for Third Sector blog about using empirical evidence to support fundraising practices. These days I’d probably take a closer, more critical look at the scientific study mentioned in my post. I originally wrote this for my MSc Science Communication but wanted some Brownie Points for getting it published.