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    The importance of good science communication is tantamount to a stronger “world democracy.” This allows more individuals to gain knowledge which contributes to their eventual freedom from tyranny and hate.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post–so much so–that I reblogged it. Thank you for an enlightening post!

  3. Hey Jaksichja-

    Though generating post, thanks. Isn’t this such a sticky issue? The ethics of communication? And even more complex is science comm. I’m interested to know what you think about how what happens when scientists step out of their roles as lab-restricted researchers to communicators of science, which some might perceive as being political or too personally invested in their work. Unfortunately, it seems that our standards–as a society–for science reinforce the cloistered mentality and culture of science to such an extent, that scientists would much prefer stay above the fray and let others do the communicating for them.

    I recently posted something about this on a new science blog:

    Much more could be said, for sure. Glad to have read your post! Keep up the fine work.

  4. Oh my goodness. Just realized I was commenting on your blog Alex Brown! So sorry. I didn’t realize that Jaksichja reposted it! I’m new to all this…

  5. Science is the window to self-discovery, and self-discovery is the foundation of cultivating a fulfilling experience of life. It is self-destructive to make the very thing which feeds us more difficult to digest. This means science communicators are the unsung heroes of healing our blindness to our own full potential.

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