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About me

I am currently (November 2014) an assistant multimedia librarian in the Scientific Information Service at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland.

Although I am particularly interested in science and the ways in which people communicate it, I spend most of my spare time either as a volunteer street fundraiser (of the fancy dress and bucket variety) for various charities, or playing floorball (in goal).

I grew up in Strasbourg, France, speaking French at school and English at home, so I am bilingual. As a result of this, I am fascinated by quirks of languages, and always keen to learn more.

I very much enjoy writing about all these subjects for my blog. Occasionally, others seem to approve, too. Here is a list of other places you can read my work:

  • Third Sector Guest Blog (March 2012):

Fundraisers should learn to lean on science (Volunteer charity fundraising, science, psychology)

  • British Interactive Group Newsletter (March 2012):

“The only way is practise”: Tapping into experience in Bath (Hands-on science communication, Volunteer recruitment, Volunteer management, see also blog post here)

  • At-Bristol Blog (March 2012):

Behind the scenes with volunteer Alex! (Hands-on science communication, Volunteering)

  • Meningitis Research Foundation Blog (October 2011):

My first raid (Volunteer charity fundraising)

  • Meningitis Research Foundation Book of Experience (October 2011 and January 201 respectively):

Ragabonds (Volunteer charity fundraising, volunteer motivation)

Alex Brown (Personal medical experience)

*Please note that none of the views expressed on this website necessarily represent those of the organisations I am associated with.

  1. Oliver Broadbent permalink

    Hello Alex, thanks for following. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Hi Oliver,

      Thanks for following back and for taking the time to comment. Indeed, great minds think alike and all that. Or is it all about echo chambers?!

      It’s all about scientists’ shoes here at the moment (at least superficially), but normal service will resume shortly.


  2. Hi Alex.
    What make me stumble upon your blog is this page. CV. Love it.
    I’m Febriyan from Indonesia. Hoping to read more about you.

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