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The story so far

Below is a list of all my blog posts on this website to date, sorted by year and month, with the most recent ones at the top.



[I didn’t write much for publishing here in 2014 as I was quite busy with work and floorball.]

November 2014:

2014-11-21: #scishirt giveaway

February 2014: 

2014-02-19: “Just blogging”



November 2013:

2013-11-27: Clouds of whale blubber

October 2013:

2013-10-17: Ripples of doubt: Bora Zivkovic interview from January 2013

September 2013:

2013-09-23: Entanlged Bank FAQ [copy-paste dump of a controversial conference FAQ]

[In early 2013 I started publishing most of my posts over on my ScilLogs-hosted blog, Do You Speak Science?]

March 2013:

2013-03-02: Spam: consistently polite.

February 2013:

2013-02-20: Twitter is the conference pub

2013-02-18: Do You Speak Science?

2013-02-14: PR Geneva PR most PR romantic PR Valentine’s PR destination PR

January 2013:

2013-01-30: Spam: at least it’s polite.

2013-01-26: As I Leave the Academy…

2013-01-22: Science Shoeoff: Andy’s Favourite Things

2013-01-21: Guest Post: Learning Russian

2013-01-20: Tu-itter

2013-01-19: Simple tool fails to solve complex problem, world shocked

2013-01-19: Don’t Stand Locked Out of Skyfall

2013-01-19: Up Goer Five

2013-01-18: Pfeffered Pferd Preferred

2013-01-17: I have written a thing about words in other tongues

2013-01-17: Pourriel ou poésie?

2013-01-16: Spam worauf Goethe stolz sein koennte

2013-01-15: Ode to Search Terms

2013-01-15: Translational Metaphysics

2013-01-14: Science Shoeoff: Tena’s Dustproof Covers

2013-01-13: Real Comment Spam



December 2012:

2012-12-20: Les sciences pour apprendre les langues

2012-12-19: Science for learning languages

2012-12-17: Guest post: Winning, It’s Flora’s Thing

2012-12-12: Why communicate science?

November 2012:

2012-11-26: Guest Post: Science, It’s Not a Girl Thing Yet

2012-11-24: Guest Post: Science, It’s Your Thing

2012-11-23: On Being Thankful For A Power Cut

2012-11-23: Science Shoeoff: Anna’s Lindy Hoppers

2012-11-21: PR Women PR master PR cookery PR at the age of PR 55: PR survey PR

2012-11-20: Elders react to Mars landing

2012-11-16: More thoughts on the UK Science Blog of the Year

2012-11-15: The UK Science Blog of the Year

2012-11-13: Learning Styles: what?!

2012-11-03: Science Shoeoff: Miriam’s Favourites

2012-11-02: A Curious Self-Portrait

October 2012:

[No posts, sorry. I was very busy in this month, finishing the coursework for my MSc in Science Communication.]

September 2012:

2012-09-23: Science Shoeoff: Sarani’s Wedges and Waders

2012-09-23: Science Shoeoff: David’s Ego-busters

2012-09-20: Science: It’s Virginia’s Thing

2012-09-12: Science Shoeoff: Kirsty’s Capacity Builders

2012-09-12: Science Shoeoff: Suzie’s Accelerators

2012-09-11: Radioactive Nuclear Conspiracy!

2012-09-10: Foreignish songs

2012-09-10: Religion explained by pigeons

2012-09-09: Maths education needs more sexism

2012-09-09: Other people fucking hate sexism in science, too.

2012-09-09: Science Shoeoff: Clementina’s Heels

2012-09-06: PC for dummies. Female dummies.

2012-09-06: Mac for dummies. Female dummies.

2012-09-06: I fucking hate sexism in science

2012-09-05: Cycling at CERN

2012-09-03: The blagger’s guide to attending RAG conference alone

2012-09-02: Science Shoeoff: One Small Step

2012-09-01: Science Shoeoff: Ross’ Hole

2012-09-01: Bad English is the lingua france of science

2012-09-01: Science Shoeoff: Vikki’s All-rounders

August 2012:

2012-08-30: Science Shoeoff: Huw’s Vibrams

2012-08-29: Science Shoeoff: The Academy of Medical Science’s Office Shoes

2012-08-28: Science Shoeoff: Jerry’s Peacocks

2012-08-24: Science Shoeoff: Jules’ Boots

2012-08-24: Science Shoeoff: Baby Steps

2012-08-23: Science Shoeoff

2012-08-20: Re-blogged: Imagining the year 2000 (in 1900) by James Lloyd

2012-08-13: Length of journal title as indicator of impact?

2012-08-12: Cancelling German

2012-08-10: Friday Phenomenon – what it is

2012-08-07: Whence the Friday Phenomenon?

2012-08-06: Friday Phenomenon – What’s This?

2012-08-03: It’s all fun and games until someone loses their floor

July 2012:

2012-07-31: Tweeting my genome #twenome

2012-07-29: In-person science presenting: live “versus” on camera

2012-07-27: How I got into floorball

2012-07-26: Science Communication: the Cartography of Knowledge

2012-07-24: Inspirastronomy

2012-07-23: Ceci n’est pas du jargon

2012-07-22: So THAT’s how floorball is played.

2012-07-21: Is the information we receive online too targeted?

2012-07-20: Gender differences in Stumbleupon categories

2012-07-19: “Run away!”: a one-size-fits-all solution

2012-07-18: Languages are like keyboards

2012-07-17: Chatting for charity

2012-07-16: Why 52 is a round number

June 2012:

2012-06-26: Ursa Matilda

2012-06-15: Speaking German is Like Driving a Car

2012-06-13: Jobs in Science Communication

2012-06-08: Neutrinos and underpants

May 2012:

2012-05-25: Towel Day

2012-05-25: Completing the cycle

2012-05-10: Review: Word of Mouth – Interpreting

2012-05-08: Rag Conference 2012

2012-05-08: Le Floorball Dans Le Monde

2012-05-08: Cults and Sects Are False Friends

2012-05-08: “Chugger Chat” on Radio 4 this afternoon

2012-05-06: The Liberals Are False Friends

2012-05-05: The Treatment of Alternatives at the Science Museum

2012-05-05: Post Hoc: At-Bristol meets the Science Museum

April 2012:

2012-04-22: Il pleut des cordes, des chats et des chiens

2012-04-20: Review: Professor Boffin on Britain’s Got More Talent

2012-04-19: Where is Brian? / Le singe est sur la branche

2012-04-19: Review: The Magic Of Reality by Richard Dawkins

2012-04-18: A Story of Survival

March 2012:

2012-03-30: Re-published: Behind the scenes at At-Bristol

2012-03-24: Re-published: Bath Taps Into Science

2012-03-22: Post Hoc: Bath Taps Into Science

2012-03-21: Another poll about the NHS

2012-03-20: Homeopathy and open journalism

2012-03-14: Post Hoc: STEMnet school visit

2012-03-13: Review: How does that work? Science and the minds of children (Scienceisoufuture)

2012-03-08: Re-published: Raids diary

2012-03-02: Bath Taps Into Science

February 2012:

2012-02-28: Skeptics in the Tub

2012-02-24: Expressive writing before an exam

2012-02-18: Ice hockey without the ice

2012-02-17: What does a scientist look like?

2012-02-16: Should homeopathy be funded on the NHS?

2012-02-15: Getting over writer’s block

January 2012:

2012-01-31: Kids these Days!

2012-01-28: Post Hoc: Science Museum Lates

2012-01-27: Post Hoc: Science Showoff

2012-01-24: Meningitis Research Foundation Book of Experience

2012-01-17: Science Showoff for CALM

2012-01-03: More fundraising research


December 2011:

2011-12-20: Please give lovingly

2011-12-06: Why didn’t I think of that?

November 2011:

2011-11-01: Running the show

2011-11-01: Movember

October 2011:

2011-10-25: Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know, can you repeat the question?

2011-10-18: My first time

2011-10-09: Hello world

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