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Hello and welcome to my website,

In the tabs at the top of the page, you can access my blog posts, sorted by category, a list of links to other sites, related to each category, as well as a bit more about me.

Oh, hello there.

On the right, you can navigate around the post archive by article popularity, date, category and tags. In my blog, I write mostly about science and the ways it is communicated, charity fundraising (especially the kind carried out by students in the UK, known as “Rag“), being bilingual / quirks of language, and my favourite sport, floorball. Parfois, j’écris aussi en français.

For people new to my site, here is a list of good places to start reading for each category:

I welcome feedback in the comments sections, whether about the content or style of my posts.

You can also interact with me on Twitter: @alex_brovvn.

Happy reading!


NB: This is my personal website. Nothing written here, nor on my Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other online networking pages, should be regarded as endorsed in any way by any organisation I  have (or have had) an association with, unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

Passive-aggressive disclaimer: It is not entirely impossible that what I write may be misinterpreted. I sometimes use sarcasm, jokes, double-entendres and even outright lies (also known as fiction) to get a point across. Thus, the literal meaning of what I write may not be in the spirit of what is meant. For example, if I am particularly annoyed or frustrated at something going wrong, I may exaggerate what I would like to do in response, for comedic effect. If in any doubt, please get in touch via the comments section.

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